Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Meet Sadie: The New York Transit Museum's Furriest Employee

Working cats reign supreme in New York City, from the hardworking bodega cats who populate the corner stores, to Matilda, the rescued Ragdoll who holds court at the historic Algonqiun Hotel. The New York Transit Museum isn't the first place you'd think would have a resident cat, but the fact that its located in a decommissioned subway station should offer a hint as to why a feline employee might be needed.

Among the artifacts on display, including the vintage Etti-Cat posters used to promote courtesy and kindness, lives a real life cat named Sadie who was rescued and brought to live at the museum after her predecessor, a cat aptly named Token, went missing (workers suspect he was catnapped by an overzealous guest). Sadie's job requirements include catching rats and looking cute, and from what I understand, she accomplishes at least one of those tasks.

Emily of the blog I Ride The Harlem Line recently took a trip to the museum and caught some candid shots of the pudgy puss, who is known more for her napping skills than her trapping ones. Emily also reports that while there is a plush cat available for sale in the gift shop, the MTA isn't really doing their part to capitalize on the allure of a feline mascot.

She notes that for inspiration, they need only turn to Super Station Master Cat Tama at Kishi Station in Japan. The calico, who was recently featured on Animal Planet's "Must Love Cats," took over as station master in 2007 and was able to turn the failing transit line into a multi-million dollar enterprise and popular tourist destination.

Click here to read more about Sadie, and to check out the rest of Emily's great pics!

(Image credits: Emily / I Ride The Harlem Line)



The Literary Lioness said...

Ah, Miss Sadie is doing a fine job =^..^=

Clarissa said...

What a great story! It remind mom of the late Mr. Kenya, Dir. of Rodent Extermination, Ret., who lived in the gift ship at the botanical gardens in Phoenix, AZ.

Catsparella said...

@Clarissa I love his title!

T said...

i've been meaning to go meet Sadie!

Layla Morgan Wilde ( Cat Wisdom 101) said...

I stop in there sometimes but have yet to meet her? When did she arrive?

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