Saturday, July 31, 2010

Paul & Joe Cat Lipstick

I'm a little confused about how you would actually apply Paul & Joe's kitty cat lipstick, but the unique molding and beautiful packaging make it a must have for any couture kitten!

The unique lipstick is now available at for $20.


Cat Merch Mania! Urban Outfitters Online

Imagine waking up to this face every day. You would name him Mortimer (you know it's a he). He would greet you with that sly fox smile, and keep an eye on nosy guests trying to take a peek into your medicine cabinet.
Cat Crest Shower Curtain, $38.00

Who uses shower caps anymore? Me! And let tell you, my Goody caps are no match for the "Bonnet de bain chat." Fancy!
Cat Shower Cap, $8.00

Kitty Tufted Rug; I love you, but I'm not in love with you.
Kitty Tufted Rug, $28.00

The one on the left reminds me of Lauren Conrad.
Double Trouble Pillow, $24.00

I could get set of 24 cupcake liners and toppers for a buck twenty-five at Wal-Mart, but they wouldn't have the same je nai sais quoi as this set of tabby themed cupcake accouterments.
Cute Kittens Cupcake Set, $12.00

I'm so proud that before I read the product description for Hello Kitty Perfume, I already knew in my heart what it would smell like. No, not Fresh Step and Fancy Feast.

"A new fragrance from Demeter, inspired by what Hello Kitty enjoys doing most: eating a slice of Mama's apple pie! The team of fragrance innovators at Demeter discovered apples play other special roles in Hello Kitty's world - she weighs 5 apples, and is 3 apples tall, after all! So they made Hello Kitty's signature scent a collection of different apples: red, green and yellow."
Hello Kitty Perfume, $20.00



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