Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Simon's Cat Can't Have Nice Things In "Shelf Life"

Simon's Cat in 'Shelf Life'

Have you ever heard the saying, "I can't have nice things. I have cats"?

Glass figurines, flowers, and drapes are just a few of the things many cat lovers have to sacrifice for the love of their clumsy felines, who can swiftly take down a mantle's worth of valuables in one fell (tail) swoop.

Despite her girth, my cat Priscilla is able to deftly navigate a cluttered nightstand, but Charlie is more like Simon's Cat - a bull in a china shop, "accidentally" knocking over anything that's unfortunate enough to be in his path. Luckily, neither have broken anything too valuable, but they're both awfully good at "artfully" rearranging anything they feel is out of place.

What is the worst thing your cat has ever broken or destroyed (but you forgave them anyway because they were so cute)?



laurie said...

I inherited my ex husband's cat, who has broken mostly picture frames and candles. The worst thing he does is he takes a running leap behind my big screen tv and loosens the connections as he runs. So when the TV isn't working, I have to hand check every connection. Pain in the a**.

Random Felines said...


Mom says we haven't broken too much - but after 17 years of cats in the house, there isn't much that she leaves out that is breakable. Our foster monsters have broken a couple of plates...

starification said...

My cats love scratching things, especially leather. So we've lost chairs, couches, you name it.

My Cat Boys said...

Ah, story of my life!

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