Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Reading With Animal Communicator Sonya Fitzpatrick

One of the highlights for me from this years BlogPaws conference was winning a reading with world renowned Animal Communicator Sonya Fitzpatrick. You may know Sonya best, as I did, from her show The Pet Psychic that aired on Animal Planet from 2002 - 2003, or from her current radio show, Animal Intuition, that airs Tuesday nights at 7 p.m. on Sirius XM Satellite Radio.

Fitzpatrick reportedly learned of her unique gift to communicate with animals at a young age, but abandoned her talents after three of her family's pet geese turned into Christmas dinner. The event was very traumatic for her, and it wasn't until 1994 that she reconnected with her psychic abilities, which she uses to help people gain a greater understanding of their pets.

Before arriving at BlogPaws, I'd heard from my friend Cat Chat Caren that Temptations Cat Treats was giving away a one-on-one reading with Sonya (Just to be clear, I have no affiliation with them), so on the first night of the conference I made a beeline to their table and made sure my entry was in. I wasn't sure how many readings they were giving away (it turned out to be quite a few), but I was thrilled to get a voicemail the next evening letting me know I had won. In addition to having the rare chance to meet Sonya in person, I should also note that according to her website, a 30-minute phone session with her normally runs $300! (My reading was around 10-15 minutes).

I was worried about how the session would go since Charlie and Priscilla weren't with me (they don't travel), so I decided to gather up a nice selection of pictures on my laptop to bring to the reading. In addition to my two kitties, I also included photos of my dog Teddy, who went over the rainbow bridge just over two years ago (From watching her show, I knew that Sonya talked to ALL kinds of animals).

Before I get into more details, I want to preface this story by saying that while I don't generally believe in psychics, I went into the session with an open mind, and really wanted Sonya to be able to answer my questions and give me some insight into the secret life of my cats. That being said, had I gone in with a more skeptical attitude, perhaps the results (or my perception of them) would have been a little different.

Sonya was beautiful and regal in person, she is British and a former model after all, and immediately put me at ease with her friendly and open demeanor. I told her it was an honor to meet her, and she warmly laughed before reaching out to hold my hand. When I get nervous I tend to jump ahead of myself, so I whipped out my laptop and exclaimed, "I have pictures!" before she even asked me to do anything. She told me how she loved pictures, but the funny thing is she never ended up looking at them.

The first thing she asked for were the names of the animals I wanted to communicate with. She wrote down "Charlie", "Priscilla", and "Teddy" on a piece of paper, and the reading began. There were a few times she closed her eyes and it looked like she was concentrating, but most of the time the conversation was very easy and free-flowing.

While she did ask some specific questions like, "What bothers Priscilla in the kitchen?" and "Who had a silver car?" she never asked me to tell her anything about the pets beforehand, meaning it's not like I told her their life stories, and she was just regurgitating what I had already said. Now, I'm not saying she couldn't have implied certain things from my reactions, but at the very least, that makes her one hell of an intuitive.

The main piece of information I was looking to find out was where Charlie came from. As I've written about in the past, he came into our lives five years ago after we found him living in a sewer on our street. He was around a year old at the time, in fairly good shape, extremely friendly, and fixed, so we knew he wasn't feral, but we weren't sure if he was lost or abandoned, either. I explain these details to give you a little background on his story, but I didn't tell all of that to Sonya.

That being said, Charlie "communicated" to her that he was living with a family that abandoned him when they moved away. He said that he was on the streets for quite awhile, where he was very worried, and also quite hungry. While it breaks my heart to hear he was so carelessly tossed out on to the street, he also told her that he was glad those people moved because he likes his new home much better! She also mentioned him saying several times that he is very, very happy, and stays close to home now (he's an indoor cat) because he doesn't want to end up like that again! On a cute side note, Charlie also told her that he likes him name and that I kiss him a lot, which is funny because I'm a serial cat kisser, but I'm not so sure he likes it!

On to Priscilla, she said that she's very funny and bossy. At first, she wouldn't let Charlie get a word in edgewise. She told Sonya that she's a very good cat who was never any trouble and always uses her litter box (which is true, and Sonya even told me the color of the box), and that everyone loves her, even Charlie. She also said that she's very independent and runs the house (yep).

Charlie and Priscilla don't get along (mostly on Priscilla's end), and everything she said about their relationship was correct. In fact, the things she was telling me Priscilla said were pretty much EXACTLY what I already imagined coming out of her mouth, so I definitely got a good laugh out of that.

Through Sonya, Priscilla communicated that Charlie is a "mess" (true), and that he is very needy (extremely true). Her overall feeling is that, "Well, I guess he's sticking around, and I'll just deal with it," and although there's no love lost between the two, they still "rub on" and would miss the companionship if the other were not around. Priscilla says that I worry about her a lot (true) and that she likes it, and predictably also asked why I talk to Charlie when I should be paying attention to her.

When it came time to talk about Teddy, Sonya also said some interesting things that gave me pause. She asked me to tell her about the time he slept on my bed, which I suppose could just be an open-ended "fishing" question, but actually he only slept on my bed one time ever, when my Mom was in the hospital recovering from a minor surgery (I didn't mention the "minor" part). After I said that, she said he replied, "Yes, but Mum was ok and she came back home after that," which was true.

She also said he was asking about a silver car and a white car, and while it didn't occur to me at the time, my parents DID each have cars that color that Teddy traveled in. He also said that when I moved out of the house, things were never the same, which in itself is a generic statement, but how did Sonya know I moved? (Although she did ask me his age at one point, and looking at me I suppose she could have surmised there was a high probability that I would've moved out of my parents house in his lifetime.)

The session lasted about 15 minutes total before someone came in and told us to wrap up. I didn't feel rushed whatsoever, and Sonya let me stay a few extra minutes to answer any final questions I had.

Now, did I receive any earth-shattering revelations from my reading? No, but it was fun and insightful, and made me feel strangely closer to the cats having heard what Sonya had to say. I've always felt in my heart that Charlie was abandoned, so to hear her confirmation felt "right", and it's pretty amazing that her reading of Priscilla's personality was so spot-on, considering she's never met her, or even seen a picture!

So, is Sonya Fitzpatrick the real deal? I'd say that's something you'd have to decide for yourself, but I left the session (mostly) a believer, and would jump at the chance to meet with her again given the opportunity.

What are your thoughts on pet psychics, and have you ever met with one? Let me know in the comments!


Wes Anderson Films Illustrated With Cats

Ever wonder what Gwyneth Paltrow, Bill Murray, Jason Schwartzman, and Luke and Owen Wilson would look like as cats? Artist Yvette Earl found out when she replaced the actors with their feline counterparts in her series of paintings based on Wes Anderson films.

These all deserve Acatemy awards!

Be sure to check out more of Yvette's work on her blog and Flickr account!


Little PAWcassos Prepare For Fayetteville Shelter Fundraising Event

One of the unspoken rules of kitty cuteness is cats doing people things, which may be why I can't stop squealing over these pictures of kitties getting their paws wet in preparation for the PAWcasso Fundraising Event for the Fayetteville Animal Shelter in Arkansas.

Cats and kittens from the shelter were tasked with creating twenty mini-masterpieces, which will go on sale tomorrow at Jammin Java in Fayetteville, with all proceeds benefiting the shelter.

Some of the feline artists will also be available for adoption at the event, and if you aren't around to catch the festivities, the paintings will remain on display through the end of September.

Click here and here for more pictures!


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lid Stays Closed Cat Inspires Poppy Song A Day Track

Perhaps you've seen a video circulating the web today of a white cat at war with a flippy heater lid? While the cute clip itself is actually around six-months old, Song A Day musician Jonathan Mann recently brought it back into the spotlight by setting it to song.

The resulting track contains lyrics of feline empowerment, set against an adorable "remix" of the original vid. Check out "The Cat Says The Lid Stays Closed Song" above, and if you like it, download it for yourself from Mann's site.


$60k Bronze Cat Sculpture Sparks Kitty-Sized Controversy

Bronze Cat by Dean Bowen

Residents of one Australian town are furious over a nine-foot-long cat sculpture set to be put on display at their local community center. The problem? It's not a case of feline discrimination, rather that "Bronze Cat" by artist Dean Bowen, cost the town a reported sixty thousand dollars.

One opposing council member proclaimed, "Whilst I have great respect for artists and their work, I cannot in good conscience and in decent taste support paying public money on something which in my opinion, its appearance resembles a warthog and not a cat." (Ed note: So if it looked more like a cat, she'd be ok with it?). Other protestors have also called the pricey sculpture "disgusting" and not worth the money.

So what say you, fine readers? Is this controversial cat-hog worth the four paws it stands on?

Another councilor who approved the installation, says in its defense:

"It's a talking point, a giant cat, and I think that's a great thing about art that people will talk about it. Some people will think it's cute, some people will well might think it's huge. I think it's a beautiful representation of home and art."


Sleepy Kitty Turns UK Store into Naptime Hangout

Image credit: David Moffat

If a cat in the U.S. tried to turn a supermarket into their personal sleepy-time headquarters, I'm sure it would become a national incident, but at an Asda store in Edinburgh, one bold orange feline named Pixie has turned the practice into business as usual.

Shoppers started noticing the everyday visitor about a year ago, and delight in taking photos of him in some of the cutest napping positions possible. He's even spawned his own Facebook group created by John Boswell, who works nearby and started documenting the kitty to prove its existence to disbelieving friends and coworkers.

Boswell tells the Edinburgh Evening News:

"We've now seen it relaxing in a wheelchair, sitting in the basket, hiding under a table and even halfway up a Christmas tree at one point.

He's mostly seen in the foyer where they have a picnic table and benches in the summer, or wheelchairs there for disabled customers. He's definitely lazy and is always sleeping or waiting for you to come and pet him."

Image credit: Steven Hay

Pixie is not a stray, and actually has a real home a short distance from the store, where his owner says she's afraid he's getting too pudgy from being given so many snacks.

A spokesman for Asda released a statement saying: "Pixie is quite an independent moggy who tends to turn up when he pleases and enjoy a cat nap outside the store. Our customers and colleagues are always happy to see him."


H.J. Mews Cardboard Kitty Geodome Giveaway!


H.J. Mews believes that if you want your cat to behave like a gentleman, you need to treat him like one!

In that spirit, the online retailer stocks beautiful, well-designed cat furniture, toys, and accessories for the discerning feline. In addition to cozy beds and chic loungers, you can also keep your kitty swagged out with mini bow-ties and fancy catnip from the upscale cat-centric boutique.

One of my favorite items in the shop is the Geodome cardboard kitty habitat ($54.99) from Elizabeth Page Smith for Kittypod. Doesn't it kind of look like a cat space vehicle from the future? (Seriously, I just took a minute to imagine these hovering around my house).

This geodesic (ooh!) shaped habitat is made of 100% recyclable cardboard and nontoxic water-based glue, features two points of entry/egress (hehe), and an interior scratchdeck (fancy!) for clawing and nesting (aw!). Generously proportioned, easy to assemble, and stackable with integrated tab connections, the Geodome is not only a beautiful addition to your homes interior but a comfortable habitat for your cat to lounge in.

I come from the future..

Enter To Win!

H.J Mews has generously offered one lucky Catsparella reader the chance to make their cat(s) very happy by winning them a Geodome of their very own!

To enter, leave a comment on this post with your name and some way for me to contact you (email, link back to your blog or profile, Twitter, etc.).
The winner be will chosen in a random drawing next Tuesday, September 6th at 5:00PM EST. This giveaway is open to readers in the US/Canada only. One entry per person, please.

Good luck to all, and make sure to stop by H.J. Mews to check out their selection of modern cat goods made for felines with exquisite taste!

(If you have any trouble entering a comment, please email me at

[Comments are now closed. Thanks for entering!]


Saturday, August 27, 2011

It's Caturday!

Welcome back for another edition of Caturday, where we catch up on the week's latest cat news, and meet some of your amazing kitties!

This week, I encountered a fortunate feline named Lucky, Fancy Feast unveiled their new "Storybook Wedding" commercial, Whoopi Goldberg rescued an infamous kitten, Madonna Cat reenacted her 1984 "Like A Virgin" performance, Beyonce shoulda "put a cat on it", Luna the Fashion Kitty continued her rise to fame, and we answered the eternal question: "What If Cats Were Using The Internet All Along?"


Our two furry cuties this week include Aledra's cats, JenniMurr and Trubble. Aledra tells me that beautiful JenniMurr is a cancer survivor, and that in his picture, Trubble is waiting for Mommy to bring him his noms!


Special thanks to Aledra for sharing her lovely kitties with us this week! Trubble is adorable, and I'm so glad to hear that JenniMurr kicked cancer's butt!

I hope everyone on the East Coast stays safe during the hurricane! I'm still in Virginia at BlogPaws, but will have more on my big Petties win next week when I (hopefully) get back!

Want to see your cat(s) on Catsparella? I'm always accepting submissions for my weekly Caturday post! Just email your best kitty pics to, and include your cat's name and anything else you'd like to share! I can't wait to hear from you!


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fashionista Presents Fall Fashion Campaigns Improved by Kitties

"Cat naps and Prada for all!"

Why didn't I think of this? The editors over at Fashionista decided that photoshopping cats into some of Fall 2011's most high profile fashion campaigns was the purrfect way to cure their September issue fatigue. The results, often starring Maru, are nothing short of cat-abulous.

Click here to see all 11 of their catty creations.


Cat Dressed As Madonna Reenacts Iconic MTV "Like A Virgin" Performance

Get More: 2011 VMA, Music

As if the Britney Spears Tribute weren't enough reason to tune into this Sunday's broadcast of MTV's annual pop cultural orgy known as the 2011 Video Music Awards, the "music" network has sweetened the pot with this absurd clip of a cat named Mona reenacting Madonna's iconic 1984 "Like A Virgin" performance. And I say "absurd" in the nicest way possible, because this is my new favorite thing in the history of the internet.

And just in case you were wondering, Tamar Anitai writes on the MTV Buzzworthy Blog of her experience working with the feline diva on set:

"And seriously, a round of applause for Mona. She was the sweetest cat maybe possibly of all time (um, I kinda know what I'm talking about when it comes to cats), and I was a little afraid I'd get kicked off the set for cooing over her like a wackadoo. If cats could roll their eyes she probably would've rolled them at me for fawning so unabashedly in her little kitty face. But really, could you blame me? SHE'S ADORABLE AND DRESSED LIKE MADONNA! For real though, I'd give this cat a Moonman if I could."

Hear, hear! I'm secretly hoping Kanye will storm the stage with another, "I'm really happy for you, I'ma let you finish, but "Cat reenacting Madonna's "Like A Virgin" had one of the best videos of all time" when one of this year's winners goes up to accept their award.

The inexplicable "VMA animal reenactment" clip joins another, previous installment featuring dogs acting out Cher and Lady Gaga's (meat dress wearing) appearance on the big show last year.


Whoopi Goldberg Adopts Verrazano Bridge Kitten

Whoopi Goldberg Nuzzles New Cat (Click here if video doesn't load)

Thanks to Whoopi Goldberg, what almost ended up as another tragic tale of animal cruelty turned into a fairy tale ending for a kitten who was reportedly tossed out of a car window on New York City's Verrazano Bridge early last month.

After being rescued by an Animal Care and Control officer that happened to be driving by at the time, the kitten's harrowing story went viral, even landing him a fateful guest spot on "The View." Based on the clip above, it was clearly love at first sight for the pair, or should I say first cuddle, and while 140 people vied for the opportunity to give the tiny survivor a forever home, Goldberg eventually was granted the honor.

The Academy Award winner took to her Facebook page earlier this week to post a short video of the now two-month-old kitten, and confirmed the news by saying, "For all of you who remember me on "The View" meeting Verrazano, the kitten who was thrown out the window of a car on the Verrazano Bridge. I adopted him and I was finally able to take him home. His nickname is "Vinny". Oliver's not too happy but Vinny is having the time of his life. I think he'll get Oliver to come around sooner than later."

Goldberg is referring to her Russian Blue cat Oliver, who Verrazano joins in her home as a fursibling.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Moderncat Studio Toy Giveaway Winner!

Thank you again to everyone who entered the Moderncat Studio Toy Giveaway! I used to determine the winner, and it selected comment #5, belonging to Alex who said, "My kitties would love some new toys!! Especially because they've been way too interested in my phone charger [maybe they destroyed two already]."

If you'd like to treat your kitties to some Moderncat Studio goodies of their own, please check out their shop for more information.

Congrats again to Alex and her cats! I have a feeling her phone charger will be getting some much needed respite once the toys arrive!


New Blog Replaces Popular Song Lyrics With Lots and Lots of Cats

"Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)" - Beyonce

"I guess it's like Al Yankovic, only all about cats."

So goes the "About" page of Kitties & Bulls**t (heh), a new Tumblr created by artist Sofia Falcon, who takes memorable song lyrics and runs them through her magical cat translator before matching them up with her equally brilliant illustrations.

While the site appears to just be getting started, Falcon's lyrical interpretations so far range from Modest Mouse to Biz Markie, with some of my favorites including her take on Beyonce, Kelis, Akon, and Blink-182.

Now imagine if other musicians started taking note, and adding cats to song lyrics became a full on trend?

Taylor Swift would arrive at the Grammy Awards covered in cat hair, and Kitty Purry's litter box could become the inspiration behind Katy Perry's next Billboard hit.


"Lucky" Kitten Rescued From Engine Becomes Auto Repair Shop Mascot


An auto repair shop is the last place I'd expect to find a cat, but when I recently took my car to a new garage for some repairs, I was thrilled to find that the joint was completely kitty friendly! As soon as I walked in, by some sort of cosmic coincidence, I was greeted by the sight of an orange tabby named Lucky who was sitting on the front desk handling some paperwork.

Staff at the garage tell me that Lucky's name wasn't just a random choice. Three years ago they decided to check out a car before taking it on a 50 - 60 MPH road test, and it's a good thing they did because when they popped the hood, there was a tiny orange kitten inside!

Three years later, the same "Lucky" kitty still calls the garage home, and even has his own little "loft" where he can sneak away if work gets too stressful. He's a super sweet cat, who likes being petted and can even stand up and do tricks. I asked if he helps fix the cars too, but was told his job is to organize the keys that people drop-off every night.

(Click images to enlarge)

In addition to Lucky, the garage also cares for eight feral cats who live behind the building. Seven of the eight are spayed/neutered (they are trying to catch the 8th to take her in), and have plenty of safe, quiet hiding spots to camp out in year-round (in the winter they even dig out the snow for them). They're all beautiful cats, clearly well-fed and taken care of, as soon as we were outside with wet and dry food, all eight excitedly appeared.

The gang's all here!

Polydactyl kitty

Finding a great cat story when I was just going to get my car fixed was a wonderful, unexpected surprise, and served to remind me that there really are compassionate animal lovers everywhere. Thank you to the everyone at the garage for being kind enough to take the time and money to care for these cats (and thanks for working hard to fix my car, too)!


I Want To Draw A Cat For You Groupon Offer

Our friend Steve Gadlin from I Want To Draw A Cat For You has a Groupon going on today where you can buy one of his customized cat drawings for $5.00 instead of $9.95!
Above is the picture he drew for me awhile back, of a cat wearing sunglasses and baking cupcakes, while another cat is blogging in the other room while eating a cheeseburger!


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What If Cats Were Using The Internet All Along?

"What If Cats Were Using The Internet All Along" by Aled Lewis for the What If... group art show in Chicago, IL.

It kind of makes sense, doesn't it?


Memorial Pet Portrait Made Out of Dog's Ashes

How would you feel if you could not only hold on to your cat's ashes, but also see them every day in a beautiful picture? In the past, I've profiled tribute tattoos, memorial dolls, full-page newspaper ads, and even mummies as ways cat owners have chosen to memorialize their beloved felines, but Gizmodo recently profiled an innovation that takes remembering your pet to a whole new level.

Lars Marcus and Theo of Skrekkogle created the above portrait of their friend's deceased Gordon Setter named Susie, using her cremains as a replacement for ink. The fascinating trial and error process included rebuilding a printer, and even using chocolate powder as a substitute for the ashes before they were able to compose the admittedly stunning finished product.

I'm still not sure whether or not I think the piece of unconventional mourning art is cool or creepy, but the artist's words reveal the depth of its intended purpose:

"Now the portrait containing parts of Susie's body resides on a shelf in our friend's house, as an alternative to burying and hiding away what's left."

Via Gizmodo / Skrekkogle (scroll down the page to view the whole story)


Cat Cupcake Tuesdays

Preempting your usual cat cupcakes to highlight these cuteness-barrier breaking kitty donuts straight out of Japan, by Twitter user @floresta_mama!

Whenever I do these posts, people often comment how they are "too cute to eat," but I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to tuck into these guys! Does that make me a cat-ivore?

Via @floresta_mama / More pictures this way!

(Thanks to all who shared these with me, including Dorian and Tiki Kim!)


Monday, August 22, 2011

Fancy Feast Debuts New "Storybook Wedding" Commercial

Back in February, Fancy Feast debuted a romantic new commercial called "The Engagement," starring starry-eyed couple Sean and Lisa. The tear jerking spot chronicled Lisa's love for her family's Persian cat, leading up to Sean's heart-tugging, kitten-packed proposal, that melted even the hardest of hearts.

Fast forward to June, and I was fortunate enough to be on the set of the sequel to the hugely popular spot, where our dashing leading couple finally got to take a walk down the aisle in their very own storybook wedding. This three-minute long extended cut of the commercial, called "Something Borrowed," showcases the dazzling couple on their special day, and finally reveals the secret of how their new kitten factors into the affair.

Watching the commercial now is exciting for me because I really had no idea how it was going to turn out, and I must say it's still a thrill to know I got the chance to cuddle with these amazing cats on set! I love how the kitty's heart charm collar was included into Lisa's bridal attire (hence the "Something Borrowed"), although I kind of wish she was IN the wedding too (However, I'm happy to report she's going along for the honeymoon!)

Based on the success of these commercials, I have a feeling there's a lot more in store for Sean, Lisa, and their unnamed kitten, and think it's only a matter of time before baby makes four for this family, made in cat food commercial heaven. (Also, can I have their house? Wow!)

To learn more about the creation of the Fancy Feast "Storybook Wedding" commercial, click here to check out my exclusive behind the scenes pictures and coverage from the set. In addition, I have a podcast where you can listen to my interviews with celebrity event planner Colin Cowie, who arranged all of the details of the magical day, and Fancy Feast cat handler Karen Thomas, who gave me the scoop on the the beautiful kittens used in the clip!

Updated to add: Wondering what the song in the commercial is? It's Made For Each Other by Emilie Mover.


Cute Kitty Keychain Keeps Your Wires From Getting Crossed

Yellow Kitty Electric Wire Keeper, $12.00

Etsy seller Mochikaka has come up with the purrfect solution to digging through your bag, only to find your headphones in a big knot! Just wind up the cord and snap it in place on her adorable handmade wire keeper and keychain, for easy and untangled storage on the go.

Also, be sure to check out her shop for other fun and functional cat-themed items, like these sweet key covers and this kitty coin purse!


The Rise of Luna the Fashion Kitty

Luna the Fashion Kitty

If you aren't already one of the legions of fans of Luna the Fashion Kitty, you will be soon. Luna is somewhat of an anomaly, a cat who not only enjoys wearing clothes, but also revels in car rides, hitting her favorite stores (like TJ Maxx), and even attending Sunday Mass!

Just one look at her, and there's no way you can help but crack a smile. From her big baby blue eyes, to her signature pink tongue peeping out, this cutie not only looks good, she also has cattitude to spare! Luna also has some serious fashion sense, and dozens and dozens of outfits to prove it. She loves accessorizing with tutus and hair bows, and it's always fun to see what she'll come up with next.

Luna has more clothes in her closet than me!

The 3-year-old Cream Point Persian Himalayan was born in Mexico, but currently calls Arizona home. With help from her Momma, she hosts her own popular Facebook fan page that's updated daily with her latest outfits. However, far from being a shallow fashionista, Luna is one smart cookie and uses her influence to promote important animal causes such as Pet Cancer Awareness and Persian Cat Rescue.

Luna proudly wearing her Pet Cancer Awareness ribbon back in May

In addition to her growing Facebook community, Luna recently launched her own website (, and also has a Zazzle shop where you can purchase her likeness on a variety of merchandise, including everything from mugs to postage stamps! Also, be sure not to miss her Lunatoons web comics, that really allow her purrsonality to shine through!


Of course there are people out there who think it's wrong for kitties to wear clothes, but Luna has a message to the haters who wonder if it bothers her. She says, "Of course it doesn't! I don't do ANYTHING that I don't want to do! I have been wearing clothes since I can remember, guys, and I do all my kitty activities with my dress on, kitty box, jump, etc...Sometimes purrsons gets worried and say that PETA should save me or something like that, but HONESTLY I am purrfectly fine. Just because I don't go naked like other cats, doesn't mean that there is something wrong with me...Some dogs hate clothes and they chew them off! It's because they are not used to them - it's the same with us, FUR REAL!"

One look at Luna, and I think you can tell she is a happy kitty who loves all of the attention she gets! If you want to become part of her growing army of fans, you can follow all of her daily adventures on Facebook and Twitter, and be sure to check her out on YouTube and Flickr, too!


Surrealist Feline Fedora Is Latest Entry In Fall Cat Hat Race

Anna Sui, PPQ, and Givenchy are already pumping out designer cat headwear for Fall 2011, and now Yestadt Millinery is the latest brand to throw their hat into the ring. The Feline Fedora ($358, Anthropologie) is a "surrealist velour topper," that's apparently aimed towards the Japanese market.

If a $358 hat that looks like it was made in your bedroom is a little hard to swallow, I also found a cute DIY version by Paper Sparrow that you actually can make in your bedroom for less than $1 (providing you already own a fedora).

I'm curious to know, will you be wearing any cat hats come this September?


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Doctor Who Companion Cat

Thanks to Claire for sending in this great picture of her cat Trebble waiting on The Doctor. You can check out Trebble's blog here!



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