Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Ghost Cat Adoption Agency

Of all the unusual cat businesses I've come across, the ghost cat adoption agency has to be the weirdest. Sure, there's GhostKitties - who memorialize your deceased pet through a doll infused with its spirit - but even that doesn't echo the strangeness of paying money to have the spirit of a cat sent to your house, after you make the promise of giving it a (literally) forever home.

For $5, Cat Ghost Adoptions will send you an adoption document with an official seal, meditation, directions, and a welcoming prayer, along with the spirit of a cat who is currently "roaming the astral plane..looking for someone to adopt them so they can have a home again." Kind of like a morbid version of Cabbage Patch Kids or Build-a-Bears - Just with more cats. And death.

Looking at it objectively, adopting a ghost cat would save on food and litter bills - I mean, they don't even have to go to the vet - but do they really make good cuddle companions? For 5 bucks, part of me considered being a sport and buying one in the name of blog "research" - but in the end I decided I didn't want an unknown spirit (feline or otherwise) roaming around my house. Maybe I'm a believer after all!



laurie said...

I think most of us had or knew a cat that crossed over the rainbow bridge, so we could just have one for free.

My Cat Boys said...

This is truly befuddling!

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