Friday, March 30, 2012

Fresh Step Ushers In April Fools' Day By Announcing Organic Bacon Scented Cat Litter

Mashable just let the cat out of the bag on Fresh Step's April Fools' Day plans, by unveiling a fictitious (yet frighteningly realistic) news report announcing their latest product: Organic Bacon Scented Cat Litter.

To take the joke even one step further, the litter-makers even dedicated a page of their website to the product, which promises "powerful odor control with a dash of salted meat." While it wouldn't surprise me if something like this actually DID exist, for now it remains just a well done parody of popular culture. The cat-activated clay that provides a "pleasing sizzle sound" is available only - you guessed it - "wherever pigs fly."



My Cat Boys said...

They should make it fur realz

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