Thursday, August 4, 2011

NYC Bodega Cats Documentary

For the uninitiated, bodega cats inhabit the small corner grocery shops of New York City, where they dutifully guard against rodents, and also have been to known to hang around looking cute.

"Bodega Cats," a short nature-style film by Internets Celebrities, documents the life of these majestic creatures, who, "While built for the fast pace of city living, are always on the lookout for a cozy box on top of a warm fridge."

Unfortunately, while the cats serve a great purpose, they must be kept under wraps. It's illegal to harbor one of these kitties, and any shop found doing so is subject to fines or closure by the Health Department.

The bodega cat in its natural habitat

Via BuzzFeed


Anonymous said...

Bodega Hotel wanted

Raven said...

As someone who volunteers for a cat rescue group, I can't condone shop owners who let their shop cats breed -- so many homeless kittens die in shelters and on the street every year.

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