Friday, March 2, 2012

Canine Group Launches Smear Campaign Against Feline Senatorial Candidate

It was just a few weeks ago that Hank the cat announced his run for United States Senate (you heard it here first!), and already his campaign has gone to the dogs - literally.

A group called "Canines for a Feline Free Tomorrow" have launched a smear campaign against the kitty candidate, charging that he's just another "fat cat" trying to get elected into office. The puppy PAC draws attention to Hank's vet records, makes allegations of catnip abuse, and even questions whether or not a Maine Coon should really be running for Senate in Virginia.

For his part, Hank is doing the best he can to dismiss the haters, and relegating their crap to the litter box where it belongs. When reached for comment, his campaign manager Matthew O’Leary told The Jane Dough: “Hank will not respond to these allegations, and will continue on his positive campaign of job creation, spay/neuter programs, and ridding the Capitol of rats.”



Sandydc said...

Disgraceful! (And really funny.)

Laurie and the "Girls" said...

OMG! I would love to meet the persons who came up with campaign! What a really hilarious spoof of what we humans have to look forward to starting in just a few short months!

Anonymous said...

Cats rule ...dogs drool! Ha ha. Hank will chase the rats out of D.C.

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