Monday, March 5, 2012

One-Eyed Cat Inspires Tribute Tattoo On "NY Ink"

Lefty Cat Tribute Tattoo

I spent some time catching up on mah programs this weekend, including the TLC reality show "NY Ink." For the uninitiated, the show documents the goings-on at Wooster St. Social Club, a real life tattoo shop located in Soho, and run by Ami James of "Miami Ink" fame. Although I'm not inked myself, I enjoy hearing the stories behind the different tattoos, and admiring the artistry that goes into them.

Last season, artist Megan Massacre delivered a very cool Victorian-inspired dog tattoo, so I was excited when a client named Erica came to see her to get a tribute tattoo to her one-eyed cat, Lefty.

Erica wasn't originally an animal lover, but got Lefty with her two roommates after finding the cat in an antique shop where the owner said they could have her for free. As time went on, the roommates moved out, and Erica was left with the kitty, who she described as a "loner" who didn't latch on. That is until one terrible day, when Lefty consumed ribbon that was accidentally left out by a new roommate (a great reminder to NEVER leave cats unattended with ribbon, yarn, etc.), and ended up with 8 feet of it stuck in her intestines. One life saving surgery and thousands of dollars later, and the pair were bonded were life.

She opted to get her tattoo in the form of a Japanese prosperity cat (maneki neko) with Lefty's gray tabby markings, because it represented coming out of a dark time into a positive one, with Lefty as her good luck charm. Erica explained to Megan how her walls were built up, but it was her one-eyed kitty who taught her how to love.

As expected, the cattoo turned out beautifully - Megan even named it one of her favorites of the season - and on her own blog, StellaBella, Erica recounts getting the piece done on the show, which she calls a "once in a lifetime experience." She also shares that she's glad she didn't wait to get a memorial tattoo, and is looking forward to having Lefty as part of her family for many years to come.

As always, if you have a cat tattoo of your own that you'd like to share, hit me up at!

Image via Instagram (megan_massacre)



Kendy P said...


Pip said...

What a great tribute! YAY Lefty!

momsbusy said...

i collect maneki nekos. this is a cool tat. if i were to get a tat, this would be the kind i would want.

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for the one-eyed love! Check out my blog here: Lefty shows up in stories all the time!

Catsparella said...

@Erica I'm honored you stopped by!! Now following your blog! :)

Daisy said...

My Mommeh saw that episode and also thought that was a wonderful tattoo!

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