Monday, March 5, 2012

Pawtographed Keyboard Cat Pics Hit The Auction Block

Keyboard Cat Autographed Glossy Head Shot

Charlie Schmidt is giving fans the chance to own a piece of internet history, by offering up "pawtographed" copies of Keyboard Cat's glossy headshot on eBay. While the photo appears to be of the original Keyboard Cat, Fatso, it bears the stamp of approval from Bento, the heir to the Keyboard Cat throne. Fatso reportedly passed away in 1987, nearly 25 years before gaining internet stardom.

The suggestive headshot is the same one the talented tabby uses for auditions - those Wonderful Pistachios commercials don't book themselves, you know - and can be yours for the Buy it Now price of $14.99. Word has it, he'll also purrsonalize it if you send in your name!



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