Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Feline Affair To Remember: Petunia Turns One!

Priscilla's 11th birthday is coming up this Sunday, which has left me frantically planning on how we are going to celebrate.

As luck would have it, our friend Maggie recently sent over some pictures of her cat Petunia's first birthday gathering for inspiration. If you remember, Petunia (or "Tuny" for short), is a Maine Coon who was featured in a recent Caturday post. Maggie rescued her from a family who didn't want her anymore and left the poor girl in solitary confinement, where her only means of human contact was during meals and litter box cleanings. Naturally, Tuny's first birthday in her new home inspired a very special celebration, and Maggie was more than happy to share the details of the wonderful day.

Petunia the party princess

Maggie writes:

We invited two close kitty cat friends, whom we knew would love the company. Petunia wore her birthday tutu. She's often referred to as the "Princess" of the house, so we thought her dress was perfect for the occasion. Since Petunia was dressed up, we brought out all of her dress up clothes and costumes for her other friends. Winston is the little guy in the grape costume. Sebastian, however, decided to have none of that and refused any clothing.



Some birthday treats were provided for the kitties and humans. I made some strawberry cupcakes and tubed some whipped frosting, and added strawberries and sprinkles for the humans. The kitty cats enjoyed their own kitty cat birthday cake, purchased from a pet treat store. We all sang (or meowed) "Happy Birthday" to the little birthday girl and munched on our goodies.

Kitty cake

Strawberry cupcakes for the humans, yum!

There are a few candid shots of the kitties in a few images. In one, Sebastian was feeling a little too close for comfort and attempted to protect himself against Mr. Winston. In another, Winston and Petunia share a sweet moment...

Unruly party guests

A tender moment...

Overall, the party went pretty well, the cats got along (mostly) and we distributed little goody bags filled with kitty and human goodies. Some of these included kitty treats, kitty catnip, kitty toys, and chocolates (for the humans, of course!). We also decorated the apartment in Hello Kitty items, taped pink crepe paper all over the living room, and ran "Garfield" on repeat...

Gimme that frosting!

Goody bags for all!

Special thanks to Maggie for sharing Petunia's first birthday party memories with us! Do you have any kitty party pics you'd like to share? Drop me a line at!



Iamhere4Apolo said...

Happy Belated Birthday to beautiful Petunia! Thank you for sharing the photos and events of the day!

Kendy P said...

Happy birthday kitty! It looks like she had a rockin' party!

Maggie said...

Thanks for the post Catsparella! Petunia will turn two on April 25, looks like I'll have to figure out a way to make her second party an even bigger bash!

crazysissymonster said...

So funny! I love the pictures. :-)

My Cat Boys said...

LOL at the unruly party guests!

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

wait a minute!!!! I forgot that Priscilla and Cody are born the same day!!!!

Love it!

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