Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Algonquin Hotel Says 'Goodbye' To One Kitty And 'Hello' To Another

You may remember Matilda, the resident feline of the famous Algonquin Hotel in New York City, from when she celebrated her 15th birthday back in August with an extravagant bash complete with celebrity guests, cat-themed drinks, and a glamorous feline fashion show.

It turns out the party was the Ragdoll's last hurrah, as it was announced today that Matilda II has stepped down from her post as "Directfurr of Guest Relations" at the hotel after 13 years of service, and has retired to "a classic pre-war apartment in Brooklyn".

Matilda's long-time executive assistant, Alice de Almeida, told MSNBC that "The send off was bittersweet. I couldn't help crying when the limo drew up in front of the hotel and everyone lined up to wish the retiring Matilda well in her new life of domestic bliss. She deserves some peace and quiet and carte blanche to climb on furniture and sleep on a bed."

Matilda III image Jonh Makely/TODAY

Indeed, she does! And the story of The Algonquin Cat doesn't end there. It was also announced that Matilda II has already quietly been replaced by Matilda III, a gorgeous little fluffy cat who had a rough start when she was dumped in a box outside of the North Shore Animal League's N.Y. headquarters. This posh kitty's luck quickly changed, now that she's found herself living in the lap of luxury with a $700 custom made chaise lounge, and her own personal executive assistant!

We wish the best of luck to Matilda II and III! Check out the video above for the full news report.




Tamago said...

I did not know Matilda retired. I hope she will enjoy new relaxing life. Matilda III is so cute. She had a rough start. She deserves a good life!
Thank you for visiting my blog. I saw your interview at CAT CHAT. Very nice to meet you :-)

Ann Dziemianowicz said...

Oh, we both like Matilda! She is just one gorgeous kitty! :)

Brian's Home Blog said...

It sure sounds like a happy retirement in the making!

Anonymous said...

that is my dream hotel. i want to go there!!

pimalai said...

Sad to see Matilda II go off into retirement. I wish that cat all the best. But the show has to go on. I hope Matilda III can live up to the reputation of her predecessors.

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