Saturday, February 22, 2014

It's Caturday!

She lives!! I know it's been quiet around these parts for awhile, but I've been busy at work, consumed with all things dog! Earlier this month I covered the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show with the Purina Pro Plan social media team, and and even met last year's winner, BANANA JOE! The delightful Affenpinscher has catlike qualities which I admire, and his handler, Ernesto Lara, couldn't have been nicer.

Oh look, it's me and 'NANA JOE.

Now that the dog show is done, I'm turning my attention back to cats as we get ready to launch the Pro Plan Cat community on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. It's just one more place where I'll be able to help cat lovers share their stories with the world, and to say I'm excited would be an understatement!


This week's featured feline is a self proclaimed "black beauty," who is "on a mission to show the world how loving and sweet black cats truly are and erase all traces of superstition."

Daniela writes:

This is my gorgeous black beauty, Shinobii. She's changed my life with her beauty, elegance, love, and sweet personality. 

In the words of the Fashion Queens, "10s across the board!"

She walks with confidence and never gets tired of hearing how beautiful she is. Her regal attitude is only fit for a queen. 



I hope that those who see her as queen see the true beauty of black cats. 



I hope that those who see Shinobii see how beautiful and sophisticated black cats are and begin to opening their hearts towards them.



If you can't get enough of this regal feline, you can find her on Instagram (@shinobiicat) and Facebook, or visit Daniela's Gatinela Cat Fashion & Accessories Boutique, where Shinobii is the star!



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