Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Confectionately Yours: Hello Kitty x Ladurée

I try not to post two sweet items in one day (cuz ughh), but when I read about Sanrio's latest collaboration with Parisian luxury cake and pastry purveyor Ladurée, my head nearly exploded from excitement!

Ladurée, of course, are world famous for their macarons - the light, meringue-based confections that are as pleasing to the taste buds as they are to the eye (not to be confused with MACAROONS, the coconut clusters reserved for Passover). Hello Kitty always has her paws on the pulse of what's hot, so I suppose it's only natural that she would align herself with the hip treat that's surged in popularity over the past few years. In addition to the multi-colored macarons, Ladurée announced on Facebook that the dainty collection will also include Hello Kitty branded chocolates, and even non-edible accessories like gift boxes, cutesy stickers, and jewelry (but let's be honest here, I just want the macarons).

Of course, like any covetous kitty creation, these items are going to be tough to get a hold of. Reports say the limited edition line will be available in "Hello Kitty stores and Ladurée Secrets boutiques," but I have a feeling we'll be stuck admiring them from afar, much like a favorited Pinterest recipe that never comes to pass.



T said...


Catsparella said...

@T I KNOW, RIGHT??? haha :D

Unknown said...

Those are french macaroons.
Damn i need some!

Teri and her Stylish Adventure Cats said...

A Hello Kitty Macaron bracelet? The purrfect accessory for Blog Paws!

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