Monday, March 26, 2012

"Dancing with the Stars" Judge Carrie Ann Inaba Debuts Web Series Dedicated To Helping Shelter Cats Find Homes

You may know "Dancing with the Stars" judge Carrie Ann Inaba for her passionate critiques on the dance floor, but did you also know she's a devoted pet owner and animal welfare advocate?

When the success of "Dancing with the Stars" left her feeling unfulfilled, Inaba, who owns six cats and a dog, was inspired by her passion for animals. She resolved to use her fame to further the plight of homeless pets, and teamed up with digital entertainment network Petsami to produce a weekly web series called Crib Cat, which premiered today on the website's YouTube channel.

Inaba recently told OK! Magazine: “My pets have changed my life in countless ways. I guess the biggest way is they just teach you how to be loving and accepting, no matter what, because that’s how they are. Animals are so sweet — they’re all rescues, all my cats, and they know they’re rescued. The way they show their gratitude, by always being there — they’re just the most amazing thing in my life.”

Instead of telling a cat's story through the written word, Crib Cat aims to create a connection with potential adopters through a lighthearted video, narrated by a feline "host" named Kit (voiced by Inaba). Kit introduces herself as a 9th generation matchmaker (watch out, Patti Stanger!) trying to get shelter cats a "crib" of their own. The first episode of the show profiles a handsome long-haired boy named Blizzard, who lost his home after his owner passed away. At 7, Blizzard suffers from FIV+ and megacolon, which Kit explains are chronic, yet easily managed conditions.

Paws up to Carrie Ann for using her celebrity status to give a voice to homeless kitties! On and off the dance floor, I give this reality star a purrfect 10, and am confident that her efforts will result in a tremendous outcome in the lives of the cats she touches.

Check out the debut episode of Crib Cat above, and find out more about adopting Blizzard at



MPSB said...

Great job keep up the good work

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

this was just fabulous! I have always loved Carrie Ann and now I love her even more. This totally touched my heart that with her fame/money, ultimately this is what gives her deep satisfaction. THANK YOU for sharing this!

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