Thursday, November 3, 2011

Not Even The Beatles Are Safe From The Kitten Covers

Cats are known to rock out every now and then, and cats replacing song lyrics has already been done, so the natural progression of this feline musical phenomena is The Kitten Covers, a new Tumblr dedicated to photoshopping kittens into instantly recognizable album art (disappointingly, not kittens singing cover songs). The single serving blog features tiny tabbies sitting in for everyone from The Beatles to Björk, and in some cases arguably improving off of the original designs.

I'm not sure if they take requests, but I'd love to see them work a kitty into Back to Black or Tragic Kingdom.

Check out more over at The Kitten Covers!



Treppe said...

What a great idea ... and the original music is real good too ;o)

Helen said...

Too cute! I can't stop giggling!

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