Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Croatian Cat Food Company Thinks "Stronger Cats" Means "More Like Dogs"

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Croatian cat food manufacturer Hobby Cat has launched an interesting new print campaign, including cats in scenarios traditionally reserved for dogs (a Saint Bernard on a snow covered mountain and English Foxhounds at a fox hunt), along with the tagline, "For Stronger Cats."

While some folks are outraged over the crappy photoshopping of the picture below, with one commenter lamenting, "How many cats in the photo are missing body parts?", I'm a little more offended by the implication that my cats need to be as "strong" as dogs. Maybe I'm being a little sensitive here, but it almost feels a little sexist too, in the sense that cats are usually related to females (the "weaker" sex), while dogs are often seen as being more masculine.

That being said, I must admit the cat in the Saint Bernard picture made me laugh. How cute is that kitty?



Tasha said...

LOL It's cute, but it's a wee bit insulting to cats. Cats are more cerebral than physically strong. Might as well make them out to be astronauts, brain surgeons, world renowned philosophers and other geniuses. haha

Unknown said...

That's one of the oldest tricks in the book! I wondered how long it would take to drag that bit of chicanery out. You're not going to catch either of us gals or kitty cats exerting ourselves when we have a full staff to do our bidding for us. Men, canines, will they ever learn their places? I guess you just can't blame them for tying to better them selves. ~; )

Jennifer Schmidt said...

Humor is powerful in advertising, and it's pretty funny to put cats in roles that they clearly are not suited for!

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