Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Jane Lynch Says Goodbye To Her Beloved Cat Greta

Her character Sue Sylvester may not be known for having a sensitive side, but Jane Lynch, the actress who portrays McKinley High's tyrannical cheerleading coach, had no problem openly expressing her grief as she and her family said goodbye to their beloved cat, Greta over the weekend.

On Sunday, the Glee star tweeted, "My sweet kitty Greta took her leave from us. We loved her so. Kiss your own kitties and pups right now."

After an overwhelming response from fans on the social networking site, Lynch followed up to thank fans for expressing their support, writing:

"Thank you so much for your most comforting words about sweet Greta kitty. Boy, they get into our hearts. My grief though painful, is clean."

"And I LOVE the pix you're sending of your little loves! Thank you all so much for sharing."

Jane and her wife Lara Embry are both huge animal lovers, with the actress telling Larry King that the couple has five cats and two dogs at home. She also made headlines last year when she refused a line on Glee that had her character threatening to skin a cat.



animalprayer said...
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animalprayer said...

Rest in Peace Greta!

mimi said...

RIP Sweet beautiful Greta... I'm sure she had a good life with great parents :)

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