Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pint Sized Cat Burglar Leaves Residents With Cold Feet

Are these your socks?

Move over Dusty the Klepto Cat, there's a new cat burglar in town, and this young kitty only has eyes for one thing: Socks!

Tosca, an 18-month-old shiny black cat from Greenford, UK has collected nearly 50 pairs in the past month, and her owner Dave Griffiths is worried that the cat's mischievous habit will leave area residents with chilly toes.

Griffiths' tells the Ealing Gazette, "It started in my house, collecting my socks from around the house, then I realised they're not all mine. They're all clean so she must be getting them from neighbours' laundry baskets." (I hate to think how he knows they're all clean.)

With the icy kiss of winter nearly upon us, Griffiths has turned to the newspaper for help in reuniting the orphaned socks with their owners, after a door-to-door campaign proved fruitless. Individuals who recognize any of the socks in the picture are urged to contact the reporter through her email address.



Sarah said...

haha, my cat Molly does that too (only with my socks, thankfully)! One day I found her collection of socks under my bed. She's even tried taking them from me when I'm wearing them! :)

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend and I adopted a 10 year old calico we named Tuna. She will pick up a blob of wet cat food and bring it in where we are before eating it or put it in my shoe. She also collects her toys and puts them under our bed. Recently more and more socks are going missing maybe she is taking those too?

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