Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Little Furmaid, and Other Movie Posters Improved By Cats

The Kitten Covers exploded on the internet last week, with its blend of classic album art improved by kitties. This week, we turn our attention to some cinematic masterpieces (I'm using that term loosely here) that have been enhanced with cat friendlier titles, and leading men and ladies (Robert Cattinson!) not afraid to let their creative influence extend beyond the four walls of their litter box.

(I'm pretty sure this movie has been made, actually)

Check out the whole collection over at Next Movie.



"The Boys" and Karen said...

I love that kitty face in the "Single White Feline". She is gorgeous!

And thank you for stopping by "Kittens 'n Things" and for your well wishes for Jonny's surgery on Thursday.

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