Friday, November 4, 2011

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry's Twitter Cat Chat

Meredith Swift

When two of the biggest names in pop music share a conversation about kittens on Twitter, you can rest assured I'm on it.

Last night MEREDITH SWIFT IS ADORABLE became a worldwide trending topic alongside other important hashtags such as WAYS TO MAKE ME MAD, National Sandwich Day, and JUSTIN HITS 14 MILLION FOLLOWERS, after Taylor Swift tweeted a picture of her admittedly adorable kitten, whom she referred to as "my new roommate, Meredith."

Fellow cat lover Katy Perry quickly responded to her friend with, "OH MY GOSH. Is this kitty for real?" with Swift swiftly confirming, "YES! And currently chasing her own tail. PS I miss you!"

If all that cute kitten and friendship talk weren't enough, the virtual conversation ended with Katy (theoretically) squealing, "I want to cuddle with that kitten so hard! Miss u :) K.I.T!"

Meredith, who was reportedly named after Ellen Pompeo's character on Grey's Anatomy, and resembles a Scottish Fold, joins fellow feline Indy as a member of the Swift family.

Aww, celebrities! Tweeting pics of their new pets and maintaining superficial friendships over the internet; They're just like us!

Update: The news just keeps rolling in! Taylor just tweeted another picture of herself with the kitten. I love the internet.



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