Friday, November 4, 2011

André x Catwoman: A Shoe Collection Worth Fighting For

If you were one of the many ladies who got excited over Catwoman Converse you'd better grab a chair, because the new Catwoman vs Wonder Woman shoe collection, a collaboration between DC Comics and French designer André, is really going to knock you off your feet!

A string of Rachel Zoe-isms flew out of my mouth when I laid eyes on the new line that turns a high fashion eye towards Gotham City's favorite bad kitty. The four styles of feline inspired footwear include green comic printed flats, black ballerinas complete with purple ears and whiskers, bewhiskered kitten heels, and a pair of Selina's signature ass-kicking leather boots!

The collection retails for between 119 - 159 Euros (approximately $164 - $220 USD) a pair, and is sadly only available in Europe (not even online at the moment), but that won't stop me from lusting over them from afar. Which pair are your favorite? I'd take either of the flats, but I'd happily wear the boots, too!



The Cat


P.S. Be sure to also check out the equally amazing Wonder Woman half of the collection!



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