Monday, November 21, 2011

Flora Davis and Gaia Cat Hair Jewelry Update


I love getting updates on what our friends in the world of cat culture are up to, and was super excited to hear from designer Flora Davis, who I first featured back in June.

I first discovered Flora after reading an Etsy article called "Keep It Weird: Cat Lady" that featured her Caged Cat Hair Pendant, which led me to an interview with the talented designer. At the time, Davis gave me the inside scoop on her quirky collection of jewelry, and told me all about her "vendor, companion and love," a gorgeous flame point Ragamuffin cat named Gaia.

Wacky Style Items That Make You Go 'Hmm...'

Since the feature, the crafting with cat hair trend has exploded, with Davis' work appearing everywhere from Modern Cat, to Laughing Squid and Wired UK. She also got a mention on The Today Show in October during a package on "wacky" style trends, and tells me that a crew from Animal Planet's Must Love Cats stopped by her home over the summer to tape a segment, set to air when the show resumes in February.

All of the publicity has equaled sales for the cat hair artist, who has gone on to sell three of her unique necklaces ranging in price from $95 to $220, and has led to work on a commissioned piece, as well.

If you'd like to keep up with Flora and Gaia, Davis tells me she's started a blog ( to chronicle the duo's unlikely story, and can still be found through her hand-crafted art jewelry shop on Etsy.



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