Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Illustrator Sophie Parker's Fashionable Girls and Cats

Illustrator and textile designer Sophie Parker is responsible for some mega-cute animal illustrations, but it's her cat art that she sells as prints, and on totes, pocket mirrors, greeting cards, and more that really caught my attention. Her cute gals with cats pieces paint charming little scenes of hip ladies chilling with their kitties, and her tattooed feline design is tough, yet cheeky at the same time (the heart over its chest says "Catnip.")

In addition to showing that she is well versed in modern cat lady lifestyle, Parker also demonstrates that she is knowledgeable in #1 rule of Etsy shop marketing: Always include pictures of real cats in your product descriptions!

Check out more designs over at Sophie Parker Illustration and Textile Design!



Beth Doodlecats said...

oh wow! I love her work!

Unknown said...

When I was squinting at these on my phone I was excited, now even more so that I get to see these whimsical drawings full size!

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