Friday, August 19, 2011

Rowdy Kitten Band Trashes Tiny Kitten-Sized Set


If you're looking for 20 some odd seconds of cuteness this morning, here's your fix. A bevy of bad-ass baby kitties snarl, pounce, and destroy their tiny paper instruments in this short by Greedy Hen for the Debit Mastercard Priceless Music Series.

No detail is spared, and as the video description notes: "If you look closely, there are bottles of catnip lying around the stage, the keyboard is a Catio, and the band name on the bass drum is The Strays."



Angel Prancer Pie said...

O MY CAT!!! This is beyond priceless! These kittens really rock out! HaHaMeow!

Lolcat Lisa said...

I saw these guys in concert. They were awesome...although that crazy girl who sings, "Can't hug every cat" rushed the stage and it was pandemonium.

Roslee said...

Wowza!! What a great little video!!!!

My Cat Boys said...

Rock and roll!

leo811 (twitter) said...


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