Thursday, November 3, 2011

Keep Your Tootsies Toasty With Posh Velvet Cat Slippers

My feet are basically cold from October through April, and I'm always stuffing them into thick socks and bulky slippers (attractive!) to help offset the chill. My old favorites are the classic Dearform booties cuz they are so comfortable and heat efficient, but I think I'd be willing to break my slipper function-over-fashion rule for these Esme Velvet Cat Slippers from Topshop.

The fleece lined footwear comes in navy blue, green, and the ominous sounding oxblood, and Tanya writes in to "confirm they are very comfy." I imagine the only cuter alternative would be a warm, cozy kitty curled up at your feet.

(Thanks for the tip, Tanya!)



Life with Lily said...

At last, at last, a pair of slippers worthy of a fashionista i.e. me. I think I'll order a pair in each colour for Mum, that way I'll never have to see those Schnauzer slippers ever again.

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

I loved these (especially when I saw my favorite color green listed) until I read that they are NOT machine washable.

If they had been machine washable I would have been all over them!

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