Friday, March 9, 2012

"Must Love Cats" Season 2 Premieres Tomorrow Night On Animal Planet!

Now that "My Cat From Hell" has wrapped up its second season, it's time for "Must Love Cats" to fill the cat-shaped television programming hole in your heart!

The hit Animal Planet show that introduced us to Klepto Kitty and The Rock-Cats is getting ready to premiere this weekend, and this season promises even more extraordinary cat stories from around the country. We'll also be treated to host John Fulton bringing his signature "kitty diddies" abroad, where he'll meet up with cat lovers in England and Japan.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't extremely a little envious that John got to go on all of these cat themed adventures, which include meeting some lovely ladies I've had the pleasure of interviewing. Rumor has it, Fulton sits down with cat hair jewelry designer Flora Davis, as well as Ruth Adams, whose cat Smokey has the Guinness Record for having the loudest purr in the world!

Tomorrow night's premiere episode focuses on Japan, where John will be visiting a cat cafe, exploring Cat Island, and meeting Super Stationmaster Cat Tama (there go those jealousy pangs again..ahhhahhh). In the sneak peek clip above, he also learns the real story behind the Maneki Neko, and finds out why it is one of the most enduring and popular symbols of prosperity in Japan.

"Must Love Cats" Season 2 premieres Saturday, March 10th at 8 PM E/T on Animal Planet.



Rachel Shubin said...

I am so excited, I LOVE Must Love Cats! So much fun.

Anonymous said...

UHHH yeah, seriously, that's like my DREAM. Someone PAYING me to go to Japan and see TAMA. I'm in the works to maybe plan a Japan trip soon and Tama is on my list of THINGS TO SEE (I wish I were kidding). Do you think anyone would notice if I kidnapped John and took his place?

- Megan said...

"Must Love Cats" makes me want to purchase cable!!

Anonymous said...

I just watched it! I was able to record it on my TiVo because I was working while it was being shown on Animal Planet. The show is soooo awesome! I am jotting down the list of places to see in Japan (aside from the Harmonyland and Puroland). I also watched the Moew-rathon of "Must Love Cats". God bless Japan for loving cats!!!


Anonymous said...

Love this show! I don't think cats should be used for art projects. They have hair for a reason.

Catsparella said...

I agree! I wasn't so fond of that segment either.

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