Wednesday, March 28, 2012

ModCloth Corners The Market On Cat Themed Tea Sets

One kitty teapot is a happy occurrence, but six amazingly adorable cat inspired tea time accessories equals a full on trend! ModCloth is currently offering an unprecedented array of feline-themed tea sets and mugs that are changing the look of stuffy old tea time furrever.

Whether you opt to keep it classic with English Breakfast, or are happier sippin' on some chamomile, any brew is guaran-tea-d to taste yummier when it's served up with a side o' cats.

4. Get in Fe-line Mug :// $20.99


5 comments: said...

oh my goodness these are so cute!

My Cat Boys said...

I want them all!

Catsparella said...

@Cree Me too, but I especially want #3!! ♥ It's purrfect!

Jess said...

I recently vacationed in Italy and there were so many cat-themed... well, really, anything you can think of. So of course, there were a lot of kitty mugs, tea sets, and plates as well. They were so adorable, I really had to surpress my instinct to purchase everything I see! :D These are super cute too! I especially love the kitties on #1 and #4!!!

cozy for tea said...

These are so cute! I want them!

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