Friday, September 23, 2011

Walking with Charlie: RC Pet Products Cat Harness & Leash Review

Charlie Goes for a Walk

Charlie, at six, is still full of energy and up for any new adventure (or product review) that comes his way. While my two cats are both strictly of the indoor variety, I've been trying out different ways to bring some fresh air and excitement into their lives, and thought that he in particular would be a good candidate for leash training.

While we were inside, I put the harness on to let him get used to it, but when it became apparent that he wouldn't be walking anywhere (he was flopping around like a boneless creature), I decided to carry him outside to see if all of the wonderful new sights and sounds could entice (distract) him into going for a stroll.

Fortunately, it worked, and after convincing him to stop eating the grass for two seconds, we were on our way.

There are a few cat-only leashes and harnesses on the market, but we tested the RC Pet Products cat leash and cat harness in "Pirate Cat" print. While I love the cool patterns they offer, more importantly I was glad that both items were very sturdy, which made me feel comfortable that Charlie would be secure on our walk. If you're interested in learning more, or trying it out for yourself, you can search online, or check out the RC Pet Products website to find a retailer near you.

Disclosure: RC Pet Products provided me with a Pirate Cat Leash and Harness to review, but the opinions expressed in this post are our own. Meow!



Lolcat Lisa said...

OMG...I love that "boneless" thing. All of the sudden it's "legs? what legs?" Love his swishy tail too.

Random Felines said...

I had to laugh at the boneless comment. When I first tried a harness on my foster kitten Mac, he fell over like he had been shot. I have seen them put on harnesses at Best Friends as well and it seems that gravity changes for the cat when that harness goes on. :) Looks like Charlie had fun!!!

HH and The Boys said...

Thanks for the review. HH has been thinking of getting harnesses for the boys. That one looks sturdy, but he didn't seem to mind it.

pawhsug, Max

MaryMatthews said...

I love the Charlie cam:) He's adorable.

leo811 (twitter) said...

sooo cute! he looks like my passed blackie! i may have said that before. LOVE the paw pad replay! clever :) i'm obsessed with kitty feets! very cute video, glad charlie had fun :) is this his first time outside out of the stroller?

Catsparella said...

Thanks everyone for your sweet comments!

@Kim lol, Yes! Needless to say, he was quite confused!

Anonymous said...

There's something about the way Charlie walks that cracks me up. What a cutie. So cool that you have a leash cat now! It's always been my dream to have a cat that I can leash walk, just to see people's reactions, ha.

-- Megan

Catsparella said...

@Megan He has a strange gait as it is without the leash -- dare I call it a "waddle" haha

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