Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cat Cupcake Tuesdays

Back in August, both the Australia and the New Zealand RSPCA sponsored an annual Cupcake Day, where bakers from across both countries sold their cupcakes in exchange for donations to the animal welfare organizations.

Natalie from SweetTart Cakes created a bevy of animal-themed delights for the event, including cats sitting with cupcakes while sitting on cupcakes (so meta!), as seen above.

While Kate Jewell from Cupcake Passion created this set of vanilla/vanilla cupcakes with handmade fondant animal faces of doggies, sheep, piggies, and of course, cats.

Last year's event raised over $1 million dollars for the charities, and this year it's on track to do the same. Pretty amazing to think about what the power of cupcakes (and cats) can do!

Have you created or spotted any kitty-themed baked goods (or other foods) lately? If so, please submit your sweet tips for Cat Cupcake Tuesdays to catsparella@gmail.com!



Fluffy and Heather said...

That IS a nice idea! I've never made a cat themed dessert, but I wouldn't mind trying.

Angie, Catladyland said...

What a wonderful idea! And adorable cupcakes!

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