Monday, September 26, 2011

Anne Hathaway Has Ears, and Other Things Learned From New Catwoman Images

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Last month, Warner Brother's released the first official picture of Anne Hathaway in her new Catwoman garb, and this weekend some grainy images emerged from the set, revealing a little more about Gotham City's finest feline.

The main complaint about the last picture was, "WHERE'S HER EARS?", and while I'm happy to report that they've finally made an appearance, the faux appendages haven't done much to assuage fan fears. Some are even hypothesizing that Catwoman's mask is made out of Batman's mask (that might help explain her janky ears), but I don't believe that to be true, only because, c'mon, Selina Kyle would never do that. I'm also really into her hilariously high, stiletto boots that are perfect for fighting and running and whatever the hell else she's going to do in them.

As I mentioned before, I'm still reserving judgement until I see The Dark Knight Rises for myself, but for now I can at least opine that whatever is going on in the new pictures is still a million times better than this mess (sorry, Halle). In fact, many are likening the new look to Julie Newmar's Catwoman costume, which is anything but a bad thing at all.

Also a little cat humor for you: Someone on Oh No They Didn't said, "She needs a tail," to which another commenter replied, "Maybe she's a Manx?" And I laughed! Soo much! (too much!) Oh, cats.

Via Oh No They Didn't (More pics at the source)



Cat said...

Her ears seem to be a little far back on her head but at least they are there now :)

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