Friday, September 30, 2011

Cheezburger Tees for your Halloween Steez

I Can Has Candy?

I wasn't planning on posting anything Halloween related until October, but seeing as though we're only a day away, and I already had my first pumpkin donut of the season last weekend, there's really no reason to keep up the charade any longer.

The folks at I Can Has Cheezburger have stocked their aptly named LOLmart wif some adorbz seasonal shirtz that will put you in the Halloween spirit faster than a candy apple covered in baby spiders (huh?). While I love the cutie kitties on the orange candy tee above, my personal favorite is FLUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER shirt below! Yes! Any other old-school Buffy fans in the house? Let's hear it!



Marg said...

We love that Halloween T-shirt. That is really cute. It would be fun to have one to put on a cat that would let me. Have yourselves a great week end.

Daisy said...

My Mommeh wants all of those shirts!

starification said...

Awww! Zombie kitty is so cute! Love all these shirts :)

Aisling Chalian said...

Several months ago, I ordered the FtVS shirt. I waited several weeks. Finally, the package arrived, but instead, I opened it to find a gruesome zombie cat T-shirt. They did not replace it with the correct item, nor did they give me a refund. I don't think I'll be ordering from LOLMart again.

Catsparella said...

@Aisling That's awful! I'm sorry to hear that! :( They should have exchanged it, or at the very least given you a refund!

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