Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Amazing Two-Faced Kitty Shatters Guinness World Record For Longest Living Cat Of Its Kind

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You've probably seen stories about two-faced kittens in the news before, but they are rare, and their stories usually don't have happy endings. Not so with a cat named Frank & Louie, who at 12-years-old has earned the Guinness World Record for being the longest living Janus cat in the world, a term coined after the Roman God with two faces.

Frank & Louie was adopted by a veterinary nurse named Marty, after a breeder brought him in to Tuft's Veterinary School where she was working at the time. Instead of allowing him to euthanized, she decided to give the day-old kitten a home instead.

The cat has one head and brain, but is double trouble with two mouths, two noses, two seeing eyes, and one non-functioning eye that sits in the middle of his head like a cyclops. Marty tells the Worcester Telegram and Gazette that while people are initially taken back by his unusual look, "he's just so affectionate and sweet he usually wins (them) over."

Far from living a conventional existence, the world record shattering feline who celebrated his birthday earlier this month, shares his Massachusetts home with another cat, a dog, and an opera singing parrot.

On a personal note, I think this is the best story ever, and it totally made my day. Go Frank & Louie!

Frank & Louie



Cat said...

What a lovely boy, I'm so glad she saved him!!!

sivan said...

He's so cute!! and the two-names idea is nice :)

Unknown said...

Oh what a heartwarming story - to think that they would have euthanized him if she didn't save him, and just look at him now, full of life and spirit!!

Kelly said...

This is so sweet!

Labgoddess said...

Great story and awesome pet parent!

Angel Prancer Pie said...

Wow, that's just amazing! What a sweet kitteh!

perfilesdistintos said...

its amaizing what'r you doing! Im impressed the kind of love than somebody can have. The kittie its the sweetest! And I have 11!

KatBoxJanitor said...

What a neat story about an awesome cat.
F&L has no idea that he is different...what a beautiful and loving cat.

Thanks to his person for making sure he has had a full life!

KatBoxJanitor said...
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Julia Williams said...

With two mouths, does he need to eat twice as much? MOL. He's kind of strange looking, but beauty comes from within.

Sunflower said...

I didn't know there were cats with two faces. That is so unique, siamese twin cats merged into one cat with two names. He is lucky to have found such a loving mom.

Anonymous said...

Such a touching story... What a remarkable cat and cat-parent.

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