Monday, September 12, 2011

Casting Alert! Anderson Cooper Seeks Pet Look-a-likes For New Show

Does Your Pet Look Like Anderson?

Anderson Cooper's new daily talk show premiered today with an exclusive interview with Amy Winehouse's friends and family, but putting aside the debut episode's serious subject matter, it looks like he plans to show a softer side with the show, too.

Despite lambasting his feline doppelganger (above) on The Ridiculist last month, the talker has issued a call to viewers to send in pictures of their own pets who also look like him, for the chance to be a guest on an upcoming episode. All of the details on how to submit are here.

Cooper also has a gallery on his website dedicated to pets named after him that includes adorable cats, kittens (and some dogs and birds, too). Click here to view the photos, or tweet your own pics in @Anderson, including the hashtag #AndersonPets.

Tell me: Does your cat look like a celebrity, or were they named after one?



Tasha said...

OMC! That's a good looking cat.

altagato said...

haha, our cat looks way more like him because she's silver! :D

Clooney said...

Check and check...

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