Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Piper, The Three Legged Wondercat

Meet Piper. At just a year old, this courageous little girl had already endured a lifetime of pain before being rescued from death row by the angels at Anjellicle Cat Rescue, just two short weeks ago.

From her Facebook info page:

"Piper was rescued from the euthanasia list at the NYC shelter on Feb. 25th. She had been there for five days. She was picked up from the street after someone called in an "injured cat." She was pulled by a volunteer with Anjellicle Cats Rescue and immediately taken to the vet. Her pelvis was shattered and her front leg so broken that it had to be amputated. Through all this, Piper's eyes show acceptance, trust and friendship. We will follow her progress."

Piper wears a homemade sweater to protect her amputation wound and abcess drain

I recently discovered Piper's story through an article by NY Cats Examiner columnist, Alexis Henry. Something about this kitty's big, expressive green eyes and tiny, delicate frame made me instantly drawn to her.

Piper is currently recovering in a loving foster home, where she's doing well after undergoing surgery to remove her front leg. However, there are still some concerns over her pelvic fracture, which they are hoping will heal on its own over time.

Her vet bill totaled nearly $5,000, and there's a ChipIn page if you'd like to contribute some money towards her medical expenses. You can also follow her on Facebook to see the latest pictures, and updates on her progress.

We're sending out great big healing purrs to this unbelievably brave kitty, and hope that her future is nothing but bright!



Nanners said...

What a beautiful cat.

Abigail, Madison, Lisa said...

oh my Piper is adorable! She is delicate (like you say) so little. Her pink nose is just so adorable! I hope she has a smooth recovery and will go to the Chip in you mentioned. Thank you for posting this!

Ellen Whyte said...

Poor thing. I hope they're managing the pain properly.

cate said...

Oh such a brave little kitty! You wouldn't know how much pain she was in with such a bright look on her face! Hope all goes well.

Julia Williams said...

Poor Piper! But she looks like she is taking it all in stride. Such a gorgeous kitty. I will be sending purrs and prayers for her recovery. I had a three-legged cat named Tosha that I adored for 16 years. It was funny to watch her hop around.

Anonymous said...

My sister sent me a link to this post. It's great :] what a sweet kitty. Thanks for sharing Piper's story!

Ann Dziemianowicz said...

Poor sweet lil Piper. I see your attraction to her in those eyes! Wishing her good health and a loving home.

Shelly Hooven said...

It agonizes me to think about her being at that shelter for five days with such horrific injuries. However, it delights me to hear how she has been rescued and I will certainly follow her progress on facebook. She has such light in her eyes! Thank you for sharing this story.

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