Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cat Cupcake Tuesdays

As if these super chocolaty cat cupcakes weren't cute enough on their own, wait until you see the inspiration behind them!

Kara Reuter modeled the drool-worthy cupcakes after her two cats, Ramon and Guadalupe, also known as Mongo and Lupe. The adorable pair are Havana Browns, which are known for their Siamese-like features, green eyes, and chocolate brown coats!

Have you created or spotted any kitty-themed food lately? If so, please submit your sweet tips for Cat Cupcake Tuesdays to catsparella@gmail.com!



Megan said...

Gorgeous kitties!

Clooney said...

So cool! Love the cupcakes and the gorgeous Havana Browns! That is one adorable picture of them in their bed with their paws crossed.

Nadbugs said...

Bugs says of all the cats he's seen, he feels the brown ones would go well with his gray coat. He might consider this.

I, on the other hand, have my hands entirely full with His Bugness.

Both of us agree: Those chocolate cats are droolworthy. Are they fair trade, though?

LadyBella said...

oh no... i'm drooooolliinggg... it looks so so so delicious! if only i can take it from this laptop's screen... (still looking at cupcakes... )

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