Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mr. Humperdink's Birthday Party Gets Blown Up!

Who is Mr. Humperdink, and why is his party getting blown up?

Blow Up! is Claire and Kristin, a team of New York City based designers who have an infinite love for creating things. Their website features a gallery of some of their prop and event styling, including a photo shoot that immediately caught my eye, called Mr. Humperdink's Birthday.

The ladies say: "We blew up Mr. Humperdink's Birthday party within the tiniest details for our tiny, furry friends. All props were handmade and designed exclusively by us. Our cute little hand embroidered cat nip toys, milk mustaches, kitty party masks and birthday invite, all are custom designed along with all our paper products, garland, and kitty Cature."

Blow Up! also have a "prop shop" of sorts on Etsy, where they sell items to help you style your own special events, including several of the handmade elements used to create Mr. Humperdink's birthday bash.

"Say Meow" Party Masks - $10.00 (Set of 5)

Emoticats Catnips - $10.00 each

Check out more images from the fabulous feline birthday party at Blowing-Up.com, and visit the Blow Up! shop to browse all of the goodies featured in this post!



Brian's Home Blog said...

That sure is a lot of fancy birthday goodies!!!

Ann Dziemianowicz said...

And we didn't get invited! I'll bet you could throw a really fun & stylish bash for Priscilla and Charlie! Why don't you plan a Pop Culture Cat Pawty!

Gigi said...

Do not even TRY to put that bow tie or ruff on ME, Humans. Unless you made advance arrangements with the blood bank.

Daisy said...

Those party masks? Do want!

Julia Williams said...

the "Say Meow" party mask is hee-hee-larious!!!

Anonymous said...

the Blow Up girls are puuurrrrrrrrrrfect

SexyKPistol said...

I need a tie and ruffle collar! Perfect Christmas stocking gifts :).

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