Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Calibre Fall 2010 Cat Man Fashion Shoot

I always love the juxtaposition of domestic cats and high fashion, and this quirky pictorial does not disappoint! Australian fashion label Calibre shows us what it's like to take a walk on the "Wild Side" in their Fall 2010 campaign, featuring a handsome cat dude, alternately posing with and as a cat.

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Silly model! Kitties don't chug milk, they lap it up!

"Litter box is private time!" (This has to be the first time a litter box has been used to display/sell shoes. Right??)

Ooh, fishies!

Zoolander meets his match.

Baby, I was born this way.

I can haz BIRDIE?

View more images over at The Fashionisto.

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"The Boys" and Karen said...

Your photo shoot is an interesting take on the use of clothes with a kitty. Hmmm.

Unknown said...

Cute guy, gorgeous kitty! Have they done dogs?

Cat Wisdom 101 said...


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