Friday, March 4, 2011

Meow Mix: All The Latest Cat News You Can Use

Cat Treadmills: The ultimate kitty workout. - BuzzFeed

Food Network star Paula Deen inexplicably appeared in this picture, and a new meme was born. This gif of her riding a flying kitty is my favorite so far. - Cybergata

In case you haven't heard, cats with thumbs are taking over the world. (Thanks, Khizra!)

Bertrum Thumbcat, star of the Cravendale Milk commercial, has been extremely busy on Facebook and Twitter this week, making origami, using chopsticks, and working on his plan for Total Feline Domination. He's also teamed up with Jimmy, the infamous polydactyl cat for a new site called Ask Oracle Cat. Enter your burning inquiry, and Jimmy will let you know your fate with a thumbs up, or an ominous paws down. Enjoy! There goes the rest of your afternoon!

Maru tried out some new hairstyles, and looks surprisingly good as a redhead!

Sachie from the fantastic My Himalayan Cat Goma blog tried cat poo beer! Read all about her experience, and see her cat Goma's reaction here.

ModernCat is holding a giveaway for this sweet RedTango CupcakeKitty prize package! Here's all the details on how to enter! Good luck!



Baby Patches said...

OMC! MOL How can I gets a thumb? hehe Me and momma just luvs your posts my furriend.


Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

the funny thing about the Paula Deen photo? If I am not mistaken she doesn't even own a cat! She has WOOFIES!!

Clooney said...

Miss Catsparella, you are our hero! You always have such cool things over here! The thumbs one takes the cake!

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