Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Treat Your Kitty To Some Catnip Sushi

We already know that cats love sushi, so why not show your love for them with one of these handmade, catnip filled treats?

Catnip Sushi - Mad Hattie's, $10.00 (Choose 2)

Sushi Catnip Toy - Pink Candy Studio, $15.00 (3 pieces)

Premium Sushi Roll Cat Toy - High Wire Cats, $20.00

Catnip Sushi Handroll - Jake & Micah, $9.99

Sushi Cat Toy With Catnip - Squid Stuffis, $4.00 (1 roll)

Organic Sushi Catnip Toy - Sew Strange Creations, $10.00

Kamakaze Roll Sushi Cat Toy - Yarnfish, $5.00

Happee Kittee Organic Catnip Sushi - Ballad Handmade, $24.00 (8 piece gift set)

Handmade Catnip Sushi With Angry Wasabi - Puppycat, $10.00

Catnip Sushi Toy - MMsquared, $7.00

Sushi Catnip Toy - Noodlefarm, $7.00

Squirting Soy Sauce Packet Cat Toy - Polydactyl, $14.00



Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger said...

The Catnip sushi looks super interesting to me. Thank you for posting.

Admiral Hestorb said...

Those are absolutely ADORABLE!! Catsperella, was it you that showed us the cat paw soaps?

The Monkeys said...

Such adorable toys! They look delicious!

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

California roll for me please!

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