Friday, March 11, 2011

Crafting With Cat Hair Book Update

Remember the post I did last month about crafting with cat hair? In it, I detailed a Japanese book that offered instructions on how to make everything from tote bags to mittens, all out of your cat's discarded fur. Some of you were a bit squeamish about the idea, but many embraced it, and were looking for more information on how to make cat hair creations of your own.

Well, if you were one of those people looking to get your kitty craft on - I have some very good news for you. Hold on to your hats (er..cats?), because Quirk Books has just announced that "Crafting with Cat Hair: Cute Handicrafts to Make with Your Cat," is coming stateside! The book, by Kaori Tsutaya and translated by Amy Hirschman, is already available for pre-order on Amazon, and is set to hit bookstores this November!

Da, da, da...But wait, there's more!

The publisher is now in search of cat hair donations for the most amazing craft project ever.

"Editor Margaret McGuire and designer Katie Hatz have already begun crafting. One of them doesn't even own a cat, and I'm not at liberty to divulge where she's been collecting the animal fur...though it may involve a Mission Impossible-esque cable drop scenario.

However, with all the crafting they've been doing, there just isn't enough cat hair. And that's where you come in.

Our two cat loving crafty ladies want you to send in your cat hair. That's right. Send in some cat hair and make sure you include your cat's name and photo. When the book's publication date gets closer, I'll feature several of your proud, hair-donating kittens on the (soon to be) re-launched Margaret and Katie may even make a little framed portrait of their favorite kitty, to be published online for the world to see. We'll see how much cat hair we get.

Send your bags o' cat hair to...

Quirk Books
C/O Margaret & Katie
215 Church Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Cat hair will not be returned...but come on, do I really need to say that?"



Julia Williams said...

I kind of want this book, but I am keeping all of my cat hair!! Donating cat hair sounds a bit creepy. Yeah, creepier than making things out of it myself, LOL.

Mr Puddy said...

I remembered this post ! I think it's pretty Creative Cute Handicrafts !
Actually, My mom got a collection of my fur from my last shedding because she wanna know how much I did shed in one season. But I don't think she want to send it to make a craft. She said she don't want to see the weird looked from the post officer : )
Because here, you have to tell them what did you send !

dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur said...

But.. but... my BOOTIFUL floofs!!What would the living room look like without them? Or my humans clothes? No WAY am I letting them be donated!

Unknown said...

Yesh, me mum is a determined. She tried to buy the Japanese book. She's been saving my profusion of furs. What truly is the difference between kitty fluff and lamb's wool. Maybe you've never seen a sheep before it's sheered. At least I'm self cleaning and have no twigs in mine.
Of course she saving for the peeps in Philly and she preordered the book. ~^..^~

Unknown said...

Oh Rumblepurr, you're too funny. Our floofies are very special. Pawhugs

Debbie said...

Oh how fun! With er... several cats and several dogs, resources are good here! This could be a fundraising boom for shelter dogs and cats. I do want the book!

Vicki said...

What an unusual request! Can't wait to see the book...

Kendy P said...

I am sending in some cat hair...crafts are better than a hair ball!

Anonymous said...

oooh - I've been saving fur for decades, from all the cats I've hosted over the years. My goal was a HYPER-allergenic pillow (to offer visiting enemies) ... but maybe some cat-fur crafts would be more reasonable.

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