Monday, March 14, 2011

Friskies and I Can Has Cheezburger Turn 640 lbs of Cheddar into Fine Cat Art

What were you up to this weekend? If you were at at the SXSW Music and Media Conference in Austin, Texas, you could have indulged in two of my favorite things: Cats and cheese!

The folks at I Can Has Cheezburger teamed up with Friskies Tasty Treasures, for a party at Six Lounge on Saturday night, complete with free cheeseburgers to nom on, and entertainment provided by Troy Lanwehr.
Lanwehr, a renowned cheese artist, transformed 640 pounds of cheddar into lolcat works of art, featuring feline favorites such as Standing Cat, Nora the Piano Cat, Gizmo the Flushing Cat, and Monorail Cat. The bash was part of a promotion for Tasty Treasures, a new line of Friskies cheese flavored cat food.

On Sunday, the sculptures were moved outside, where 500 lucky patrons were given free grilled cheese sandwiches by a smiling, cat-faced server. (I just hope that the cheddar was provided by a source other than the the melting masterpieces.)

The amount of detail on the sculptures is actually pretty amazing, and I give major props to Troy for his artistic prowess. You can check out more pics from the event over on the Friskies Facebook page.
Via Technolog / About Foursquare / Image credit: Betsy Weber



Nadbugs said...

Every time I think I've seen everything, you, Catsp, come up with something new. Un-bee-lee-vable. I did not know the world was such a cheezy place. Pun? Moi? Surely you take me seriously. . . .for I am Bugs the Great. Bugs! I am he!

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

Great job!! I was contacted too! Posting mine Saturday but not nearly as creatively as you did!! xoxoxo

Mr Puddy said...

OMC !!! Cory is gonna love this !
She is a fan of cheese !!!!!

Catsparella said...

@Caren Nobody contacted me!!, am I missing the boat?? I just found it online and thought it was cool.

Gigi said...

I can't decide if that cheese looks nommy or "vommy", MOL!

Marcia said...

Give me the cheese but hold the burger! Unless they had a veggie option!

Unknown said...

Did someone say, "Cheezas?" nom nom nom nom ~^..^~


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