Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cat Hats For Men

Snow Leopard - "Silent, Mindful, Independent" - $129.00

The New York Times recently featured a trend piece on the proliferation of animal hats consumers have been snatching up this winter, and spoke with several people (women) who wear the hats because they bring happiness and hold sentimental value.

Most cat-themed fashions are aimed towards felines and the ladies who love them, so what's a cat loving guy to do?

Leopard Half - "Intelligent, Free Spirited, Leader" - $69.00

Lion - "Passion, Community, Courage" - $129.00

The article also focused on Los Angeles based faux fur hat makers, SpiritHoods, who claim that their daring headpieces help us connect with "our wild natures." SpiritHoods founder, Alexander Mendeluk, told The Times:

"People put on these hoods, lets loose, act like a kid again and don't have to be judged. They want to roll with their friends and have a good time. We're all animals and we like pretending that we're animals."

The hoods are available for both men and women, and are not strictly limited to feline styles, but when it comes to cat fashion, it's time to give the guys their moment in the spotlight!

Leopard - "Intelligent, Free Spirited, Leader" - $129.00

Half Black Cat - "Luck, Independence, Wisdom" - $59.00



Admiral Hestorb said...

I love this blog. How cool is this one with the cat hats! ♥

Perfect Litter said...

Love it when the cat loving men aren't left out!

Anonymous said...

Great post, but I do find it a bit scary...hehehe. I'd wear the black cat hat.

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