Thursday, March 17, 2011

5 Fun and Unusual Cat Themed Good Luck Charms

With St. Patrick's Day bringing an abundance of four leaf clover themed merchandise to stores, I had the idea to find some interesting cat themed lucky charms, meant to bring good fortune into your life, while still satisfying your inner craving for cute kitty stuff!

These multicolored Cat's Paw Keychains ($10.00 each) by Yac's Pocket are a quirky and humane twist on the idea of a lucky rabbit's foot. The realistic black, white, and pink toed version reminds me of my own cat's paw, and just like hers, this charm also claims to be "soft, so it's consolatory to massage it." Some people may be turned off by the idea of carrying around a loose limb, but I think it's a cool way to show off your kitty pride!

Need just a little bit of luck? Check out this Clover Green Pocket Kitty ($6.00) by Magic Bean Buyer. Hand sculpted from polymer clay and hand painted, these tiny harbingers of good fortune are perfect for "keeping you company when you're daydreaming at your desk, driving in your car, doing the laundry, or vegging on the couch." If green doesn't tickle your fancy, the shop also has a nice selection of different colors and kitty styles to choose from.

Who is this strange looking feline creature, with a round torso and comically disproportionate limbs? Why, it's the life changing Talisman Of Wealth Print ($20.00) by The Dancing Cat!

From the item description:

"Just as his fat sides are abundant, so will be the fillings of your wallet! The effects of looking at something pleasant frequently. There's actually a chemical effect. Right now as you stare at this little fat blob of a cat endorphines and dopamine are coursing through your blood stream with the power of opiates. You will find yourself unexplainably earning more money, yodeling gleefully in the Swiss Alps, winning BIG TIME at the Casino in Monte Carlo, sun bathing with the locals in Monte Negro and dining al fresco in Napoli as flowers cascade over your head. All because of this fat little thing hanging on your wall. Expect changes, good changes, flowers will pop up where once sat your garbage cans, neighbors dogs that barked all night long will suddenly, for reason unknown, be mute, a halo will surround your head, strangers will bow at your feet and kiss them as you climb the stairs to your new gem and gold encrusted chalet in Monserrat. Believe this my friends, all this will come to pass, with the purchase of this little cat, believe in the power of art and good things will come your way!!"

Looking for a little supernatural assistance with your latest love spell? Maybe it's time to enhance your practice with this Black Cat Ritual Oil for Reversing Love, Luck, and Money Drawing ($5.75) by The White Magick Shoppe.

From the seller:

"Ritual oils have long been used for anointing candles during spell work and bringing about positive results. My Black Cat Oil is a special blend of exotic herbs, essential oils and black cat hair (imperative for Black Cat Oils) from my black Magi-Cat Gonzi, who serves as my assistant during magical reversing and luck spells. He comes proudly and willingly and jumps right up onto our permanent altar to assist during spells that need a little extra charge by a mortal black cat. This is his favorite blend and he rubs against the bottles and enjoys wearing it as a cologne for his late night cat swarrays. I’m not kidding! This cat loves spell work!"

Assistant Magi-Cat Gonzi

With two black cats in my house, I should be the luckiest girl around!

And finally, these lucky cats are said to bring their owners good luck, and seller Charley's Roses claims that this ceramic Vintage Japanese Maneki Neko Beckoning Cat ($9,999) is extremely rare due to its size and paw position. The pricey figure weighs in at a hefty 35 pounds, and is decorated in a "raised Moriage technique," dating back to the early 1900s.

The seller also shares this story about how she came to own the fortunate feline:

"I purchased this Majestic Maneki Neko Cat from a friend. Her father passed away. She lives in another state and did not want to bring it back with her. I instantly fell in love with its beauty. She said her father always told her and her brothers that it was stolen from a Japanese palace and brought back on a ship to the US during WWII. A Beckoning Cat similar to this one was appraised by a San Francisco museum appraiser for a “fair market value” of $11,000. That cat is displayed at the Mingei International Museum, in San Diego, California, and will be featured in an upcoming book by Alan Scott Pate. This was the only other cat that I have found matching the one I have for sale. They are extremely rare in the United States."

Although the item is expensive, it should be noted that $1,000 of the sale will go towards helping children and families affected by the Japan earthquake and Tsunami.



The Monkeys said...

We love these items (especially the key chain)! Great picks!

SuziQCat said...

Great finds! We have a paw similar to those above, but it is used to clean my camera LCD screen...I found it in Japan.

Love the pocket kitty too!

I also have two black cats in my house, and a collection of black cat things too.

Mr Puddy said...

My mom love the key chain : ) and of course have to be the black and white one : )

Admiral Hestorb said...

I LOVE that! Yer KILLIN' mommy I mean! I love the paw, the wee kitty face ..everything.

Unknown said...

After looking at the fat cat, I feel wealthier already. I know you're our kitty expert, but did you know that Hello Kitty is based on the Asian Happy Cat?

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