Thursday, March 24, 2011

Kat Von D Welcomes Home New Kitten

Back in January, tattoo artist, author, and makeup mogul Kat Von D announced she was getting ready to adopt a new Sphynx kitten, after the untimely loss of her cat Valentine in November. After many months of anticipation, she finally went to pick up her new bundle of joy this week, and lucky for us, she documented the whole happy occasion on Twitter!

From "road trippin" to Clovis, California with her friend Arianna Stock, to getting pulled over by the cops (presumably for speeding since she was in such a hurry to see her kitty!), Kat brought her fans along on every step of the journey.

Soon after picking up the kitten, named Piaf, from the breeder, she began tweeting updates on the tiny hairless cat, named after the legendary French songbird of the same name.

Congratulations to Kat on her sweet little kitten! I wish a long, beautiful life for him, and hope that she continues to share pictures and updates on the newest member of her "L.A. Ink" family!



Dani said...

Hello Kat Congrats your new sphynx kitten piaf. I bought same owner in clovis, ca. Still hold my male. Plan pick up on mat 7th. Your Piaf and my kitten same parent. Right now i cannot think of his name. I was surprise you bought same owner. Take care of your Piaf. I will send pix of my new male. Hope to hear from you. I am from San Luis Obispo, Ca

Dani said...

Oops i mean May 7th

Anonymous said...

Hi Kat I would like to meet you at your tattoo office make an appt. I would like tattoo on my side leg. I did send email but never hear or??? I have kitten same as your kitten. I would like to meet new friend. Have you see my kitten pix on facebook?? You can find me Danielle Bohannon

Catsparella said...

Hi Danielle - You may want to try contacting Kat through her official website:

Anonymous said...

Have a blessed night! XOXO <3

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