Friday, June 15, 2012

It's Caturday!

Welcome back for another edition of Caturday, where we catch up on the week's latest cat news, and get to meet some of your amazing kitties!

I'm currently sleeping blogging live from L.A., where I'm gearing up to attend Wolfie the cat's 20th birthday party tomorrow afternoon! In case you missed reading about the event, you can catch up on all of the details here, and be sure to follow me on Facebook (, Twitter (@catsparella), and Instagram (catsparella) to check out my exclusive updates live from the celebration!

In this week's cat news: Maloos found a forever home, a Miss Connecticut contestant sponsored a virtual cat pageant for charity (and there's still time to enter!), a wedding photographer captured a tender moment between a bride and her cat, a Hello Kitty spa opened in Dubai, Meowbook promised to revolutionize the way cats do social media, I implored you to nominate Catsparella for a Pettie, and I also reported on a pawesome event I attended last weekend called Super Cat Adoption Day!

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This week's featured felines are two sweet Sphynx's who are best friends for life! It's funny that I didn't have any hairless kitties to feature for awhile, but lately it's been their time to shine (see Han Solo and Meisje). I just love these little guys!

Jennifer writes:

I adopted Swindle and Fiona in April of 2011. I found them on an internet ad site, which is super rare for Sphynx cats.


The story was that Swindle (the black and white tuxedo Sphynx), was attacked by the family dog. He was not injured physically, but was so scared emotionally that he hid under the bed, and lived in the closet for months. He would venture out some days, but if he heard the chain on the dogs neck clink he would run back to his safe zone. The owner felt so bad, and she knew it was no longer going to be a good life for poor little Swindle. He had a partner in crime, so to say, in Fiona. She is a happy-go-lucky, easy going, easy to please princess. I adore her.

Don't look, I'm naked!

We already had one cat and did not need two, but they were a package deal and now I can see why. They don't leave each others side. They adore one another, sleep under the covers together, clean each other, and play tag all day long.

They are quite the pair, I am so thankful that one day last year they fell into our lives unexpectedly and brought so much love into our home!

The last photo is a great one of the photo shoot they had done. Swindle was to scared to come out that day for pictures, so at least here you can see him in the cat tower. Fiona is so beautiful. She is the mostly white one with the black tail, and two black spots on her head.

Special thanks to Jennifer for sharing her pride and joy with us this week! These two make quite the charming pair, and now lead a charmed life, thanks to wonderful new mama!

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This week:

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