Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The 40 Pink Cats Project

Ethel recently shared a unique idea that she came up with to celebrate her 40th birthday, called The 40 Pink Cats Project. The project is a synthesis of all of her favorite things, including cats, the color pink, photography, and writing. It's also a way for her to share her birthday with some very special kitties in her life from the East Coast (where she's originally from) and Portland (her current home).

She writes: "For my 40th birthday, I’ve hand sewn 40 pink felt cats and filled them with organic catnip and will be sharing them with my kitty friends and photographing each of them with the felt cat. (I have to admit, I didn't start to feel my age until I realized I was sewing 40 cats by hand... But each one was made with cat love!) I will begin distributing the birthday favors today and this weekend and posting the photos as I meet the cats. They have all been approved by my kitty, Ikki."

This isn't the first time Ethel has had the idea to share a welcome treat with the neighborhood kitties. For Valentine's day she handed out catnip hearts, and for Easter she distributed catnip-filled peeps and eggs.

She says, "There's something so sweet about walking away from a cat rolling around deliriously with a pink felt cat, and looking back and watching the two of them getting smaller and smaller until that pink cat is just a pink dot... knowing that you brought some joy to his or her life that day."

Ethel has started a blog to document each of the cats who receive one of her catnip kitties. Check out a few below, and catch up on all of the rest at

Since Ikki is my kitty, she always gets to *help* me make any cat treats. She approved all 40 of them, but liked this one best.

Sasha loved her pink cat so much, she ended up rolling around in freshly cut grass clippings until she was covered in it. She didn’t mind one bit.

White tabby was one of the friendliest kitties we’ve ever met. When we ran into him on a different street, he remembered us, meowed and did a rollie before continuing on his way.

This is Bolemy (also known as Ptolemy). He is the sweetest, most popular and brownest tabby in all of NJ. The lady cats adore him. He loved his pink cat.

This little dude was SOOOOOOOO excited about his pink cat. When his Mom came along, he took it in his mouth and ran away, always cautiously looking over to make sure no one would come over and take away his new treasure.

Nominations can be made once a day through June 29th!



Georgia said...

Cute thing to do! The cats in these photos look like they have "zoned out" for a while. Especially Sasha.
Happy Birthday, Ethel!

meowmeowmans said...

Oh, what an adorable and fun way to celebrate!

Unknown said...

What a cute and original idea. It would take me much longer as would have even more to do than 40 if I ever tried this. Perhaps I could try it for Kizzie's next birthday then I would only have 2 to do.

Just letting you know I've given you an "Illuminating Blog" award. Please see Kizzie's blog for details, and the awards tab for an image of the award if you want to display it.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea. Kudos to you & Happy Belated Birthday.

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