Thursday, June 14, 2012

Around The World in 80 Cats #15: Dubai

Town Centre Jumeirah in Dubai just got a whole lot sweeter with the opening of the Hello Kitty Beauty Spa, the first full service, Japanese cat-themed pampering lounge of its kind. The salon and spa, which is modeled after pink parisian glamour, offers the usual high-end treatments for both "Princesses" and "Queens," although truth be told, the kids menu sounds way more appealing (is it me, or does everything just sound better with "kitty" in front of it?).

Lucky little ladies can choose from a Kitty-cure (basic manicure), Kitty Nail Alert ("Passionate fashionistas will love getting an oh-so-adorable grip on style with our fanciful stickers, stencils and nail-bling that's sure to steal the thunder!"), and oatmeal, honey or chocolate Kitty Glam facials, which promise to leave skin feeling "bright, polished and smelling unbelievably sweet!" Fatima Sharaf, Director of Sharaf Retail, also tells "Dubai Dates" that one of the most popular kids services at the salon is a hairstyle in the shape of a Hello Kitty bow.

After your day of pampering is complete, don't forget to stop by Sweet Surrender at Kitty Cafe to "indulge in guilty pleasures and delightful bites amid a warm and chic ambience that's nothing short of unique." The menu promises "delectable organic cupcakes" and "restoring beverages" that surely only add to the purrfectly decadent experience.

The Hello Kitty Spa celebrated its official opening last week, with an exclusive Pink Bow Party, attended by Dubai's Hello Kitty loving elite. In addition to a hot pink carpet and visiting nail techs from Japan, the soiree also featured an extensive array of kitty themed sweets, such as cookies, cupcakes, macarons, and more!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to shatter the myth, but there are homeless unhealthy cats everywhere in Dubai. Many die in summer when the temperature reaches 50 degrees C. Labourers on the building sites keep them as pets and have to leave them behind when they move on.

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