Thursday, June 21, 2012

Millie The Security Cat Guards Christmas Gifts At UK Toy Factory

Not even Catwoman herself will be able to burgle her way into Bandai's UK-toy factory this holiday season, at least not as long as Millie the Bengal cat is on watch! The pint-sized kitty crime-stopper, thought to be the first of her kind in the world, was hired for the position when she was found roaming the floor when interviews were taking place. Her "climbing abilities and loud purr" are credited with helping her win the role.

Millie's owner claims that she "always had a very vigilant personality and doesn’t mind long hours alone," continuing, "I’m not surprised she took up a career as a security guard – the toys are lucky to have such an attentive guardian."

Her silent charges include the Power Rangers line, and Thunder Cats (of course). No word yet on if wearing a tiny badge and t-shirt, as shown, are actually part of her daily duties, for which she is reportedly compensated in cat food and fish for her efforts.

Check out more adorable pictures of Millie at the source!

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the black cape(?) looks very stylish!!

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