Monday, June 25, 2012

A Girl And Her Cat Images By Andy Prokh

Maybe in your internet travels you've come across the above image of a cat wearing Lennon-esque shades, but did you ever wonder where it came from? The popular shot is actually the work of Russian photographer Andy Prokh, whose impressive portfolio contains several images of a girl and her cat.

I was recently in touch with Andy's agent Slava, who tells me that the girl in the photos is Andy's daughter, Catherine ("Never noticed that she has word 'cat' in her name," she says), and their gorgeous British Shorthair kitty ("Umm.. It is Andy's cat. Lazy, furry.. Well, you know.

There is something particularly sweet about the series that show the two interacting together, and I'm sure that when Catherine grows up she will cherish the images her dad managed to capture of the special relationship they shared.

Check out a few of my favorites below, and head over to Andy's online portfolio to marvel at more of his captivating black & white work.



cindy said...

these are beautiful and speak to the curiosity and innocence of both subjects. thank you for sharing these!!

Cindy at

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful ... Can you purchase them?

HH and The Boys said...

Wonderful photos... I love them all.

pawhugs, Max

cybergata said...

So cute. Another wonderful blog entry.

Liousha Tiki said...

Beautiful, simply beautiful.

Valley girl said...

one word ! wonderful

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